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Below you will read about the experiences and results from my clients. 

Maile Cunningham

"We saw a huge difference in his runs this weekend and we believe it's because of the treatments. Thanks again."

Sadie Eversol

"Mom has been in pain for months now, doing so many doctor visits and can’t figure anything out. I referred mom to On Track Recovery and they did a session. It was amazing how much better she felt. I can’t wait to get a session and will definitely be going back! Thank you so much!"

"I use Brandi with On Track Recovery for my horses every time I get the chance! One day Ill get a session for myself. PEMF is amazing!! Highly recommend reaching out to her!!"

Dayna Marie

"This morning I woke up PAIN FREE!! Happy Friday!!I’ve been healing much slower than average & struggling a bit after my recent surgery … My sweet friend Brandi brought her equipment to me last night so I can heal 20% faster!"

Taylor Suhr

"This horse is my heart horse she’s my everything. Now she’s get tapping once a week for her back or anything she’s sore in. The tapping have been a night and day difference and I can’t say enough great things on it. It is the best thing I’ve found to work. Thanks On Track Recovery for everything you have done to help spirit and I."

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